Lutron Lighting

Arctic is proud to be a licensed dealer and installer of Lutron Lighting Systems. Let us show you how Lutron can enhance your living environment!

  • Save Energy!

    Our occupancy sensors will ensure that lights are off when rooms are unoccupied. You can also set your lights to go on or off automatically, according to your schedule!

  • Stay Safe & Secure

    Whether you’re getting out of your car after working late, or making your way to the kitchen for a midnight snack–Lutron offers safety solutions to automatically light your home’s pathways. You can even pre-program your settings to make your home seem occupied when you’re away!

  • Personalized Lighting

    Whether you’re entertaining friends or cozying up for a night in, you can create the perfect ambiance with our wide variety of lighting options.

  • Streamlined Control & Convenience

    Take control of your home’s lighting system from a master keypad or your smartphone! No need to crawl out of bed to turn off the light or close the shade – simply push a button from bedside and sleep tight.